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Ninth Avenue Wine specializes in quality products.


We focus on finding authentic and unique wines from around the world that are made with old world traditions and high quality grapes by generational wine makers who still have a true passion about their craft and the products that they make.


Adventurous and savvy wine customers alike love that Ninth Avenue Wine finds and buys one of kind products that may be here today and gone “for good” tomorrow! But fear not, even though we do keep larger batch products on our shelves, we keep searching the world over and are always putting new and unique wines on our shelves to keep our special, one of a kind customers stimulated, interested and happy!

Free Wine Tastings


Come in for a free tasting Thursday through Sunday. Enjoy and learn about our wines. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to aid you in your selection and suggest food pairings.

We are Honorable people in the wine business. You can always trust us to be fair and honset.

From the Old World to You


Since the end of prohibition and for 80 years Ninth Avenue Wine has been “The wine face” of New York and a New York City landmark, being one of the oldest wine retailers in Manhattan and only one of a handful across the entire country.


Unlike many wine stores today who are essentially a clearing house for mass marketed brands, many controlled or owned by a handful of larger companies, who rely on the creation of wine publications, rating systems and wine experts, all to create an illusion of some sought after product in a market filled with thousands of grocery store brands.


It’s not just the label, the brand or the review that counts. Because Ninth Avenue Wine has a dedicated and knowledgeable staff, we do not need to rely on a wine magazine or TV commercials opinion of a particular wine to govern what we put on our shelves. We will not attempt to sell you a particular known brand simply because it is popular, but instead rather understand “your” tastes. Then we take you to a country, a region within and then to a particular grape varietal, all that makes up the entire complexity and taste of any wine, while honing in on what “you like” in a wine. We strive to exceed your expectations. After all, making wine itself is not the largest cost. It is the marketing that drives the price. By having the knowhow to buy authentic less marketed wines, we have the ability to put a customer with a wine that will not only satisfy them but will give them a superior product, many times for a similar or even lesser price then that of the commercially advertised brands, as the bottle reflects more on the quality of the wine within the bottle and not on the advertising costs associated with trying to sell it.

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