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Ninth Avenue Wine specializes in quality products.


At Ninth Avenue Wine, we believe that every bottle tells a story—a tale of terroir, tradition, and the hands that lovingly craft it. As you step into our cozy haven, let the flicker of our vintage neon sign guide you toward a world of flavor and discovery.

Our generational winemakers are the heart and soul of Ninth Avenue Wine. They honor old-world traditions, tending to vineyards where sun-kissed grapes thrive. With each harvest, they pour their love into every bottle, creating liquid poetry that transcends time.

While we maintain larger batch products, we continually explore the globe to introduce fresh and distinctive wines to our valued customers.

So, fellow wine enthusiast, raise your glass. To the clink of crystal, the swirl of liquid amber, and the camaraderie of kindred spirits. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious novice, Ninth Avenue Wine welcomes you. 

Henri Garrou’s Legacy

In the heart of bustling Hell’s Kitchen, nestled along Ninth Avenue, stands a relic from a bygone era—an enchanting neon sign that has witnessed the ebb and flow of New York City’s history. 

In 1934, Henri Garrou, a visionary with a penchant for fine libations, commissioned the sign. Just a year after the repeal of Prohibition, he declared to the world that Ninth Avenue Wine & Liquor was open for business. The sign became a beacon of hope, drawing thirsty patrons seeking solace in a glass of wine or a well-crafted spirit.

And so, through decades of change—wars, celebrations, and quiet revolutions—the sign persisted. It watched as Hell’s Kitchen transformed, as new generations of New Yorkers passed beneath its glow. It became a silent witness to countless stories—a sentinel of taste, tradition, and tenacity.

So, next time you walk Ninth Avenue, pause. Look up. Let the neon sign weave its magic, connecting you to a time when Henri Garrou dreamed of sharing the finest wines with the world.

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